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​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Defining Leadership Blind Spots

August 1, 2018
​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Defining Leadership Blind Spots

In this first episode of our four-part series on leadership blind spots, John Maxwell, Mark Cole, and Richard Chancy define what a leadership blind spot is.

Can leaders see their own blind spots? What indicators can leaders examine to identify and understand their own blind spots?

Every leader has at least one blind spot, and the greater a leader’s influence, the greater the effect of that blind spot. For transformational leaders, one of the most profound assets for growth is an external perspective on one’s own leadership. Such a perspective allows us examine the areas in which we are not intuitive.

But no leader can identify his/her blind spot alone. After all, it is called a blind spot. Identifying a blind spot requires consulting those around you for honest feedback. In this series, Mark asks a great question for those whom you lead and those who lead you: “What’s it like being on the other side of me?” 

Our FREE tool for the “Blind Spot” series is a worksheet on blind spots which you can fill in as you listen to each episode. Click the Bonus Resource button below to receive this worksheet as a PDF download.

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