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​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: The Four Keys to Growth (Part 1)

June 19, 2019
​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: The Four Keys to Growth (Part 1)

In part one of this new series, John Maxwell shares the first of four keys to growth with humor, candor, and intensity. John reflects on the fact that as we age, our certainties decrease, but the ones that remain grow stronger. He takes this opportunity to share his fervent belief that if you want to win in life, you must commit yourself to personal growth every single day. Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will be better!

Mark Cole and Richard Chancy help us think through how to apply the keys to growth that John shares. They challenge us to define what excellence looks like in our lives, as well as to create space for a monthly growth hour when we can evaluate the previous month, dream for the next one, and develop a daily implementation plan.

We have a special BONUS resource for this series: The 4 Keys to Growth is a keynote address John did for the Live2Lead event. He provides more great content than we can share on the podcast, so we’re providing you with a video of the entire keynote. You can access the video by clicking “Download the Bonus Video.”

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