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5 Ways to Foster a Personal Growth Culture by Valuing Others

By Maxwell Leadership | December 13, 2022
5 Ways to Foster a Personal Growth Culture by Valuing Others

Believe it or not, everyone is a salesperson.

Some people make it their title, their livelihood, and their career. Others go clammy at the thought of cold-calling prospects, think to ourselves, “I’m no good at sales,” and take up another occupation.

But by our nature, we all promote something.

Our choices reveal what we value. Think about the last time you found a restaurant you loved, or a comfortable pair of shoes, or a good chiropractor. Whenever anything remotely related comes up, it’s the first few words out of your mouth – you can’t wait to invite people to experience the value you’ve found.

As you pursue your own personal growth, are you drawing others into personal development journeys of their own?

Creating an Atmosphere That Invites Others to Grow

In his bestselling leadership development handbook The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell outlines the Law of Connection: influence begins with the heart, not the head. When others feel that we care about them, we form a connection with them that paves the path for influence.

These five simple people-centered practices communicate that you are invested in others, so you can invite them to invest in themselves.


At Maxwell Leadership, we summarize our purpose, mission, and vision in these six words: “Valuing people, growing leaders, transforming lives.” That’s all we aim for as an organization. People have untold value within them, and they will gladly add value to those around them when we’ve seen the value first.


Dr. John Maxwell said, “One is too small a number to achieve greatness. No accomplishment of real value has ever been achieved by a human being working alone.” And he was right!

No business makes a profit without patrons. No president made their way into office without their constituents. No one man can himself be a movement. No matter what you are building, other people are going to help you get there.

And when you let them know you need them, you communicate two things:

  1. Your humility – “I know I can’t do this alone.”
  2. Their value – “I know you’re capable of helping me.”


You may have heard the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” But how often do you apply it? Do you intentionally invite others into your personal growth journey? Do you draw others into conversations about their potential?

If others will impact the journey we’re on, how much more effective can we be for each other than when we’re all on the same journey together?

Making personal growth commitments and progress public benefits you and those around you. Not only does it pique their curiosity and encourage them to invest in their personal growth, but it also keeps us accountable for our own development.


There is immeasurable value in collaboration. As John’s group work guidebook points out in its poignant title, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. But one of teamwork’s most powerful benefits is that a team can make itself better if each member is willing to learn from one another.

Each member of the group has lived and learned differently – they have insights gained from unique life experiences. That gives each person on the team an irreplaceable contribution.

When we see others as experts in their own right, we don’t just open the door to our own personal growth – we show them we see the value they have to offer.


What we value is not a secret. How we choose to spend our resources reveals what we think is important. But more than how we leverage our finances, our relationships, our energy, our creativity, or any other resource at our disposal, the most revealing about our priorities is how we spend our time. It’s the only resource that, once spent, we can never get back.

But time spent listening is not spent – it is invested.

Others know we value them when we give them the full value of our time in the moment and show them we were listening after the fact with action.

How do you guarantee that tomorrow will be better than today?

Your relationships, your job, your health, your finances, your hobbies, your habits, your thoughts, your insecurities, your dreams… Every aspect of your life has one thing in common – and it’s you. Growing yourself is the only way to guarantee that your life is getting better.

If you’re looking for a place to get started, Maxwell Leadership has a designated free-to-download personal growth app designed with you in mind. The Maxwell Leadership App gives you the tools, community, and expert guides to help build your plan for growth. The app offers tailored digital content to enhance your strengths and your weaknesses to guide you to become the greatest version of yourself, no matter where you are on your personal growth journey.

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