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A Message to Our Clients and Partners Regarding COVID-19

By Carla | March 18, 2020
A Message to Our Clients and Partners Regarding COVID-19


On behalf of everyone at the John Maxwell Enterprise, I wanted to reach out to you during this unprecedented time. With the heightened awareness regarding the potential impact of the COVID-19 virus, I know you have received countless emails from trusted business partners outlining their strategy for responding in this uncertain time. I want to share one more of those messages with you, albeit one that is full of hope.

Like so many other businesses, we place the safety and health of people first. As the precautions and suggested determent measures have come out seemingly each day, the Executive Leadership Team of the Maxwell Enterprise has been in constant communication about the steps we need to take to lead well during this time.

As a result, we have encouraged all our staff to immediately begin working from home and have instituted a daily check-in procedure to help mitigate the sudden shift in routine. We’ve chosen to use tools like Zoom, Slack, and good old email to facilitate our communication, and I want to share with you our strategy for making the virtual office a success for you to consider as well:

  1. Daily provide a message of hope and leadership (5 Minutes)
  2. Review the current initiatives in place for the next 7 days and determine where we need to pivot and what we need to keep.
  3. Assess what can we do differently today to intelligently and tastefully add value to our community to encourage people to continue investing in their growth.
  4. Provide clarity of responsibility and ownership on key Action Items.
  5. Create space for teammates to ask any outstanding questions.

Our team is fully equipped to continue serving you and your team’s needs, and we look forward to the opportunities for innovation that this current reality provides. We are prepared to offer you and your team the tools and resources to help you navigate this temporary challenge, and we look forward to seeing your team stronger on the other side.

Additionally, as good global citizens, we’ve eliminated all unnecessary travel, cancelled all public gatherings, and we’re working even now on a virtual summit to help provide leadership during these unsteady times. We are a company of people who value people, and seek to add value to people, and our commitment to that has not—and will not—change.

We will continue to monitor all relevant sources of factual health information and are committed to flexible consistency for as the duration of this digital season. While we will monitor information from the local and state level governments of our offices, and we encourage you to do the same. We also recommend you check the CDC’s COVID-19 update page, along with the World Health Organization’s COVID response channel.

If you need us for any reason, please contact our Executive VP and an important enterprise leader at [email protected]. Chris and his team will respond to you within 24 hours in most cases because we are committed to exceeding your expectations, even in times of crisis. I know you may need support that could, for some organizations, stretch the boundaries of the relationship, but that is not with us. We truly are here to walk alongside you. 

In the meantime, we hope that you and your team experience nothing but good health, and we look forward to serving and inspiring you during these challenging times.

Thank you, 

John C. Maxwell, Founder

Mark Cole, President and CEO


PS – check out the most recent episode of our podcast on how to be an inspiring leader!


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