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Be Honest With Yourself

By Valorie Burton | January 12, 2023
Be Honest With Yourself

I have a question for you…

How honest are you with yourself?

Learning to ask yourself powerful questions can get you unstuck and transform your life, but answering those questions honestly is equally important.

Think about it, even if you ask yourself questions such as…




…if you don’t answer those questions honestly, you’ll get answers that eventually lead you back to where you started.

Before I was a coach, I ran a public relations firm. I would create goals for the business, make plans to increase revenue, or land exciting new clients. I realized that what I was really trying to do was create goals to keep me motivated because deep down I knew that I wasn’t doing what I really wanted to do.

I had to be honest with myself. I wanted a career change, but making a decision like that felt so overwhelming and scary that it seemed easier to just ignore my desires and pretend that the life I was living was indeed the life I wanted.

When I finally admitted the truth, that I wanted to completely let go of my PR firm in favor of a career inspiring others through my writing and speaking, it changed everything. It’s been nearly two decades and I can tell you that answering the powerful question, “What do I really want?”, was a pivotal moment. What followed was an authentic path and the freedom of walking that path with purpose.

I don’t know where this message applies for you, but I invite you to get honest in your answers about what you want, what you’re afraid of, and what you might be avoiding. When you do, you begin the process of a more authentic, powerful life.

Are you ready to get honest with yourself?

If you haven’t already, I want you to dive into the course I created about how to coach yourself to ask powerful questions and get practical, life-changing answers. Taking the time to intentionally work on your personal growth may be just what you need right now.

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