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Destiny calling? Let VISION be your guide

By John C. Maxwell | February 20, 2010
Destiny calling? Let VISION be your guide


What is your destiny? Where will you be in five years? Or 10,  or 30?

Of course, no matter how hard we search, no one can answer that question with certainty. But while we can’t know our destiny, we CAN know and change our direction.

The journey toward destiny always begins with VISION. Vision is the roadmap to your destiny, the picture of your purpose. Without it, you may find yourself off course — or worse, going nowhere.

I feel so strongly about the power of a vision that I devoted my 2009 book, Put Your Dream to the Test, to that very subject.

But even without the help of a book, you can start discovering your vision today. How?

Take some time to LOOK…

  • Within you: What is your passion?
  • Behind you: How have past lessons and experiences prepared you to pursue your passion?
  • Around you: What’s happening to others in this area (the trends)?
  • Ahead of you: What do you want to accomplish?
  • Above you: What part does God play in your life and dream?
  • Beside you: What resources are available to you?
  • Alongside you: Who can partner with you in this pursuit?

Hubert Humphrey was a man with vision. He took his first trip to Washington, DC, in 1935, and wrote the following to his wife:

Honey, I can see how someday, if you and I make up our minds to work for bigger and better things, we can someday live here in Washington and probably be in government, politics, or service… Oh gosh, I hope my dream comes true – I’m going to try anyhow.

Hubert Humphrey’s dream carried him all the way to the United States’ vice-presidency. Where could your vision carry you? The vision you have truly will shape the person you become.

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