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Developing A Culture of Leadership: A Leader’s Greatest Return

By Carla | January 26, 2021
Developing A Culture of Leadership: A Leader’s Greatest Return

In this video, Chris Goede speaks with John Maxwell Company CEO, Mark Cole about how leaders engage their teams to ensure the growth of their next-generation leaders. Does your organizational success rest solely on your leadership alone, or are you developing the leaders around you?

Seeing it Work Without Me

Do you enjoy seeing your organization thrive without you? Many leaders take pride in the organization thriving because of them. It takes a secure leader and someone who is investing in their team’s growth to be energized by seeing the organization thrive without them. But this is precisely the mindset required if you ever hope to sustain your organization’s success after you are gone.

Working Yourself Out of a Job

A leader’s greatest return is in developing the leadership potential of those on their team. When you equip someone, you help them do their job better. When you develop someone, you make them a better person. When you intentionally develop the next generation of leaders in your organization, you exponentially grow the future success of your organization. 

Working yourself out of your job so you can move to your next opportunity requires you to prepare those who could succeed you. Of course, developing the next generation of leaders is a big job and requires you to develop yourself. You cannot pour into the lives of others if you are not pouring into your own life daily.  You cannot give what you do not have.




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