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Manuscripts and Melodies: Learning to Get Over Myself

By John C. Maxwell | April 13, 2023
Manuscripts and Melodies: Learning to Get Over Myself

Not long ago I shared with you about writing my first song at 75 years old. It was such a great experience I could hardly wait to get back around the table with the team.

So as soon as I could get back to Nashville I was in the writers’ room. I woke up early, prepared myself for the creative process, and got into the learning mindset. But after we all got to the studio, it felt like we were stuck in small talk. Ten minutes, fifteen, twenty. Everyone was just chatting and tuning their guitars. I was ready to go! I thought to myself, This is great… but when are we getting started?

Little did I know the small talk would be the starting place.

Adding Value by Getting Out of the Way

As they tuned and strummed, someone asked me why I started writing. I told them that I wanted to add value to people. It’s really that simple to me. But I also recognize there is a difference between wanting to add value to someone and succeeding in adding value to them. It requires time and energy to learn how to make sure someone else would walk away better when I met them.

The more we talked the more I remembered why I was there, the more my passion grew, and I began to see the song take shape right before us.

I explained that adding value revolves around having credibility – and in order to establish credibility, I had to…


I found myself when I stopped trying to be like anyone else.


I knew myself when I examined myself, asked myself questions, and gave honest answers.


I became myself when I accepted myself the way God made me.


I improved myself when I consistently developed my skills through trial and error.


I got over myself when I stopped focusing on myself and how I looked to others.


I gave myself when I started thinking about others and how I could help.

I have to find myself, to know myself, to be myself, to improve myself, to get over myself, to give myself to you.

After 90 minutes, we had our chorus!

The rest of the song came together quickly. Around the theme of adding value we were inspired by the John Wesley quote, “Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the souls you can, in every place you can, at all the times you can, with all the zeal you can, as long as ever you can.” His words fit so nicely in the bridge, and then the message was complete: the more we grow ourselves, the more we are able to get over ourselves, the more we are able to give to others.

I’m so excited to share this song with you. I really hope it adds value to you and encourages you today. My friends performed it live, and I would love for you to listen. Click here to hear “Get Over Myself.”

If you are looking for a resource to grow yourself, click here to download the Maxwell Leadership app where you have the podcast and lessons by me and my friends at your fingertips. 

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