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More books … at your request

By John C. Maxwell | August 6, 2009
More books … at your request

In response to your suggestions for future books, I described in my last post how some questions could actually be answered by already-published books.
Next month, we’re going to talk about my next book (the one that comes out next spring). But before we do, here are some other published books and some of your questions that they answer:

The Difference Maker. Theme: attitude and how to make it your greatest asset.

Reading it should answer the following questions (and more) from my blog readers:

  • How to actually change your mindset.
  • Leaders who work in the face of negativity and doubt.
  • I think a lot about optismism vs realism vs pessimism. Are both extremes unrealistic? Does optimism = often disappointed?
  • Expecting the best when all around you says “no way.” Expecting the best and getting it.

Today Matters. Theme: making right decisions and managing them daily.

Read this book if you want to get back to basics in managing your life. It will answer:

  • Being a mom and business owner/leader and keeping God in the center of both.
  • My biggest problem is finding a work-life balance. It seems like no one really has a solution. I could use a book with solutions.
  • Managing balance between family focus and business focus. Can they coexist, or is it a case of switching (back and forth) between?
  • How do you reach the masses and travel but take care of the most important aspect of life: family? How to balance?
  • How to build our lives on solid principle, vs living life based on current culture and trends.
  • BALANCE: spiritual, physical, marriage, parenting, business ownership, employing others, networking, extended family and friends.

Failing Forward. Theme: changing your perception of and response to failure.

Read it to learn how to see mistakes as stepping-stones to success – and apply that to your daily life.

  • Coming back from a major setback or failure post-prime. Rebuilding/recovering from loss.
  • Feeling washed up at 38 after failing and blowing it.
  • How to get unstuck in challenging circumstances.
  • Turning failure into success.
  • Getting back up after letting down those around you.

As I mentioned earlier, next month I’ll be asking for YOUR help. Through this blog, I want to offer you the opportunity to influence my next book.

The topic? Communication.

Stay tuned.

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