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Change-Makers Create Powerful, Positive Change

By John C. Maxwell | August 26, 2022
Change-Makers Create Powerful, Positive Change

Learn how you can use your values to start a movement.


Looking at our world, it’s pretty easy to see that things could change for the better. 

Wouldn’t it be better to have better schools? Better neighborhoods? More positive workplaces? Wouldn’t you like to have a more connected family? Communities where people get along and work together for everyone’s good? 

We wonder, why doesn’t somebody do something? The good news is–somebody can. 

In my 40 years of adding value to leaders all around the world, what I have learned is that community-wide change occurs when someone somewhere takes responsibility for transforming themselves and takes action to help others change too. 

You might think that that’s not you. Everyone has plenty of reasons not to do something about the problems they see. Those are called excuses. A wise coach once told me, “Excuses are like armpits. Everyone has them and they all stink.” Here’s the truth, we have much greater control over our ability to make a change and accomplish difficult things than we might think. But first, we must acknowledge that change begins in us. 

We change when… 

  • We hurt enough that we have to
  • We see enough that we are inspired to
  • We learn enough that we want to 
  • We receive enough that we are able to

We can all adopt a change-my-world mindset.


Living with good values makes positive change possible. 

Values are principles that guide our decisions and behaviors. If we want to change for the better and expect others to change, our decisions and behaviors must be guided by good values that bring only benefits – never harm – to ourselves and to others. 

At the Maxwell Leadership Foundation, we focus on helping people live with good values like Hope, Listening, Relationships, Attitude, Courage, Generosity and many more. You can learn more at There you will learn about the impact that we’ve seen through a values-focused approach to community transformation. 

Good values are attainable if we choose to work on them. You can live out good values regardless of education, intelligence, gifting, or skills. It empowers each person to make a positive change in themselves and in their community! 

The vision and mission are the head and heart of a person–but values are the soul!


When change-makers apply a values-focused approach to their mission, they can collaborate with others, establish trust, and create stability–all of which lead to powerful, positive change. 

The truth is, the people who change the world are those who want to and don’t wait to. 

Malcolm Gladwell said in a presentation on his book David and Goliath, “The most successful entrepreneurs not only have courage and imagination, they also have a sense of urgency. They’re not willing to wait. They have a burning desire to get something done.” The feeling of urgency moves them to take action. 

The same can be said of change-makers: they don’t wait for change, they become the catalyst for it. 

So, are you ready to look at yourself, evaluate where you need to grow, and start taking action? Are you ready to Change Your World?

Visit to start a Transformation Table for free. We’ll train you, provide the lessons, and support you as you create powerful, positive change. Be the somebody that does something. If you do that for someone, you will experience the reality, joy and satisfaction of changing your world for the better.

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