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The Rule of 100: How I Improved My Life and Leadership with Generative AI

By Daniel Englebretson | May 21, 2024
The Rule of 100: How I Improved My Life and Leadership with Generative AI

As a leader and a business owner, I have always been passionate about exploring new ways to grow personally and professionally and to help others do the same. However, like many leaders, I have often faced the challenges of limited time, energy, and resources. It wasn’t until I discovered the potential of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) that I realized there are new and powerful tools to help me overcome these obstacles and become a more effective leader, a more engaged father, and a healthier version of myself.

A fundamental truth in leadership is that it’s not just about having the right answers but about asking the right questions and being open to new possibilities. So, when I discovered ChatGPT, I set myself a personal challenge to invest 100 minutes in learning how to use it, with the goal of saving myself 100 minutes in return. As a leader who values efficiency and results, I was intrigued by the challenge, but I also admittedly had no idea what was possible. Could AI really put time back into my day?

Little did I know that this initial experiment would evolve into a transformative approach to life and leadership in an AI-powered world that I call the “Rule of 100.” The idea behind the Rule of 100 is powerful yet simple: By leveraging AI, not only can we save 100 minutes in our day, but we can also put $100 back in our wallet and boost our productivity 100-fold.

Determined to discover, I began experimenting with AI in my daily routines and work processes. I started small, focusing on tasks that consumed valuable time, but didn’t necessarily require human insight or creativity. As I became more comfortable with the technology, I gradually expanded my exploration, seeking new ways to apply AI to more complex challenges.

Discovering the Potential of AI in Personal Well-being and Leadership


One of the first areas I focused on was my personal well-being. As a busy leader, I often struggled to prioritize my health and fitness. By using AI to help plan my meals, optimize my workout routines, and track my progress, I made small but meaningful improvements in my overall health and energy levels. For example, AI helped me create a personalized meal plan that not only fit my nutritional needs but also saved me time and money on grocery shopping. These changes not only benefited me personally by helping me lose over 60 pounds, but also had a positive impact on my performance as a leader by increasing my energy, focus, and resilience.


Next, I turned my attention to streamlining my communication and productivity at work. By using AI-powered tools like ChatGPT to help manage my inbox, prioritize tasks, and automate routine processes, I was able to free up valuable time and mental bandwidth. For instance, I used AI to quickly summarize long email threads and reports, allowing me to grasp the key points without spending hours reading through every detail. This allowed me to focus more on strategic decision-making and building strong relationships with my team. Moreover, by leveraging AI to enhance my communication and collaboration skills, such as using it to generate meeting agendas and talking points, I was able to foster a culture of transparency, trust, and continuous improvement within my organization.


As I continued exploring AI’s applications in my personal and professional life, I began to realize that the Rule of 100 was more than just a catchy phrase. It was a powerful framework for unlocking AI’s potential to transform the way we live and lead. By sharing my experiences and insights with others, such as how I used AI to streamline my content creation process for speaking engagements and presentations, I discovered that this framework resonated with leaders across industries and roles and had the potential to help them achieve their own goals and aspirations.


Of course, integrating AI into one’s leadership approach is not without its challenges. It requires a willingness to learn, experiment, and adapt to new ways of thinking and working. There may be initial discomfort or uncertainty as we step outside our comfort zones and embrace new technologies. However, in my experience, the benefits of harnessing the power of AI far outweigh these temporary obstacles. For example, while it took some time to learn how to effectively use AI tools and integrate them into my workflows, the time and energy I saved in the long run made the initial learning curve well worth it.

If you’re a leader looking to enhance your effectiveness, impact, and personal growth, I encourage you to start exploring AI’s potential. Begin by identifying areas in your life and work where you spend more than 100 minutes a month and could benefit from trimming down. Then, move on to adopting these principles to increase your productivity. As you learn, you’ll find new ways to apply AI to maximize your time, productivity, and your budget. Start small by experimenting with AI-powered tools and strategies that align with your goals and values. Remember, the Rule of 100 is not a rigid prescription but rather a flexible guide to help you unlock your full potential as a leader.

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