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Take a Knee: paying now to play later

By John C. Maxwell | December 8, 2009
Take a Knee: paying now to play later

Hello! I hope you’re enjoying the final month of 2009.
I know MY month began pretty eventfully:

On Tuesday, December 1, I had knee replacement surgery.

My knee had been causing me trouble for awhile, but still, choosing to have surgery wasn’t easy. After all, I wasn’t looking forward to the pain or the recovery time. Plus a few weeks of down time weren’t easy to fit into my schedule.

But this year it became clear that knee replacement couldn’t be put off any longer. I began to see how it could increase my mobility and decrease my physical discomfort. In the end, I decided that by paying with a little discomfort now, I was freeing myself to play later: through speaking and leading…. AND literally playing with my grandangels.

So last Tuesday I had knee surgery in Chicago. I’m happy to say that the entire procedure went very smoothly, with no complications. They had me on my feet within a day, and I was ready to go home Thursday. By Saturday I was resting so comfortably that I was able to Tweet my college football predictions.

Today, one week after surgery, I’m recovering well. The physical therapist says that I’m making good progress, and the pain has continued to be manageable. I’m already sure that this surgery was worth it.

Also, I’m deeply grateful for all of the prayers and encouragement I’ve received from so many of you via Twitter and Facebook. With your support and prayer, I feel confident that I’ll continue to improve and keep my commitments for coming weeks.

I’m thankful for you! I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.

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