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Where am I this week?

By John C. Maxwell | April 8, 2009
Where am I this week?

This week I’m enjoying time with extended family for Easter. The kids and grandbabies are here, and we’re having a wonderful time making memories.
But here are a couple places you can find me both online and in person in the near future:

I spoke about a very famous dreamer at the Crystal Cathedral recently.

Two of the four messages I taught at are live on The Hour of Power.

For free, you can watch on streaming video or read transcripts. Also check your local TV listings for the next two episodes.

In south Florida this weekend? I’ll be preaching at Christ Fellowship Church for Easter Services.

Saturday evening: Royal Palm Campus, 5 and 7 pm.

Sunday morning: Stuart Campus, 8 am, 10 am and 12 pm

Click here for directions to all campuses.  (Note: Different service times for Easter.)

Want to discuss my new book with others online?

The folks at Crystal Cathedral have started a book club with Put Your Dream to the Test as its first selection. Join the discussion here.


Have a wonderful week and a meaningful Easter celebration.

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