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Susan Davis

Facilitator & Coach
Susan Davis

Get to Know Susan Davis

My passion has always been to add value to people, helping them achieve their highest vision and goals both personally as well as professionally, doing that with a growth mindset and intentionality.

Susan is a seasoned sales, training, and leadership professional with over nineteen years’ experience in the medical, pharmaceutical, and nonprofit industry, and has served in varied roles in Experiential Education, Medical Education, Field Sales, Sales Management, Sales Training, and leadership Training.

Over the course of her career, Susan has gained a reputation as an effective people leader, known for her high energy style coupled with her extreme passion for working with people and teams to empower them to abandon mediocrity, set goals and deliver exceptional value to their customers with intentionality.

Susan has helped companies set goals that break current boundaries through training, coaching, and keynote speaking, and has worked with clients from a variety of backgrounds including corporate groups, schools, real estate, medical sales, and nonprofit groups. Susan’s style is collaborative, and results driven.

Susan holds a bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University, a certificate in Nonprofit Management from American Humanics and a Master’s Degree from Clemson University. In addition, Susan holds multiple certifications in training and leadership Susan is a member of the Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network, and the Association for Talent Development.