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​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Bonus Episode: Adding Value to Others

June 5, 2020
​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Bonus Episode: Adding Value to Others

Hi Podcast Family! Today we have a special message for you from John Maxwell. Last Monday, John shared a timely message about leadership in light of the civil unrest and racial injustice we’re seeing in America right now. We wanted to share this message as a reminder that what you focus on expands. With so much going on around us, figuring out where to focus can be hard. But John encourages us to focus on being a leader who adds value to others and who listens before you blame others. We believe you’ll be impacted by this message and we encourage you to use it to impact your community and your world.

We hope you take this message to heart and do exactly what John encourages us to do in this lesson… reflect. As John said in a recent Candid Conversation, hope causes you to act, and action brings traction. In a world that seems to be standing still, we could use a little traction! So, we encourage you to reflect on the ways you can act and add value to those you lead. Together, let’s create a world where everyone is valued and treated as an equal. The time is now. So, let’s lead.

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