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​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Candid Conversations: Fear and Faith

September 27, 2019
​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Candid Conversations: Fear and Faith

In this Candid Conversation John shares his reflections about a recent encounter he had with Nik Wallenda of the famous Flying Wallendas who have performed audacious feats such as tight rope walking over Niagara Falls.

When asked by John how he overcomes fear, Nik shared that he respects the danger and believes preparation is the greatest way to handle fear. He also acknowledges that fear is not something that will ever be eliminated but that a proper perspective allows you to focus on the positive. John points out that action minimizes fear!

John and Mark also take a few minutes to share about their time in Texas and what it looked like for John to maximize his time with a key team member by being present and intentional.

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*Disclaimer: This episode contains a brief story containing content that some listeners may find upsetting. To skip over this story, please stop at 19:33 and continue at 21:54.

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