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​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Candid Conversations: Live from Dubai

September 13, 2019
​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Candid Conversations: Live from Dubai

This Candid Conversation features John Maxwell and Mark Cole providing a rundown of their incredible 17-day, six-country trip. They spent 96 hours traveling to Myanmar, Ghana, Oman, Iran, and Vietnam to add value to leaders who are multiplying value to others.

John shares five key takeaways: 1) His books preceded him. 2) Everywhere he went people wanted iLead (the values-based, leadership curriculum for students). 3) Mark Cole has developed into an excellent communicator. 4) John Maxwell team coaches are all over the world and eager to make a difference. 5) We are seeing transformation happen in real time.  

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the tribe, and we’re so glad you’re on the journey with us. You’ll want to take time to listen as John shares inspiring stories of transformation from all around the world!

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Here are the photos John mentions in this episode of his bodyguards in Iran: 

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