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Executive Podcast #276: Coaching Your Team to Become Change Agents

January 25, 2024
Executive Podcast #276: Coaching Your Team to Become Change Agents

This episode introduces practical strategies for coaching your team into effective change agents. Explore how to shift their mindset towards change by emphasizing the importance of authenticity, communication, and collaboration in successful leadership of initiatives. Engage your team actively in the vision and planning process to empower them to take ownership of the organization’s direction. Recognize the significance of cultivating influence and leading by example, creating an environment where every team member feels responsible for driving positive change. Walk away with actionable insights to effectively coach your team and foster a culture that embraces and drives change within your organization.


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To be a Successful Leader, You Need Feedback on Your Leadership.

We’re excited to announce our new and improved Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OES). The OES gathers feedback from employees to give leaders and management the knowledge and action plans needed to develop a more effective and productive work environment. Our new version measures 4 areas of your business: Leadership, People, Strategy, and Performance. 

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