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Executive Podcast #295: A Simple System for Success

June 6, 2024
Executive Podcast #295: A Simple System for Success

In this episode, Chris Goede and Perry Holley explore a simple system for leadership success inspired by legendary coach John Wooden. They outline the importance of maintaining personal and team conditioning, ensuring mastery of fundamentals, and fostering unity within the team. They provide actionable insights into how leaders can implement these principles to create a winning culture. The episode equips listeners with practical strategies to elevate their leadership and drive remarkable results.


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To be a Successful Leader, You Need Feedback on Your Leadership.

We’re excited to announce our new and improved Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OES). The OES gathers feedback from employees to give leaders and management the knowledge and action plans needed to develop a more effective and productive work environment. Our new version measures 4 areas of your business: Leadership, People, Strategy, and Performance. 

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