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Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Great Leaders Are Great Teachers (Part 1)

December 7, 2022
Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Great Leaders Are Great Teachers (Part 1)

The best teachers show you where to look without telling you what to see. This week we’re starting a new series on how great leaders are great teachers where John Maxwell offers tips on how leaders like you can improve your ability to teach and be a guide for those you lead.

In the application portion of this episode, Mark Cole and Chris Goede discuss John’s lesson and how they currently apply it within their own teams. They offer some practical application as well, so you don’t want to miss this insightful conversation.

Our BONUS resource for this series is the “Great Leaders Are Great Teachers Worksheet,” which includes fill-in-the-blank notes from John’s teaching. You can download the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below.

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1 thought on "Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Great Leaders Are Great Teachers (Part 1)"

  • Abbas Bob says: December 8, 2022 at 3:52 am

    Awesome podcast! One technical issue, though: in comparison to BBC World Service app, for example, yours is a bit slower (with some interruptions.) I’m pretty sure you’ll overcome this issue as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

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