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Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Leadership Blind Spots

June 12, 2024
Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Leadership Blind Spots

Even though having blind spots is a normal part of life, there’s a choice that everyone has to make: are you going to acknowledge the areas that you need to grow in and take action, or are you going to continue to be unaware and stay where you are? In today’s episode, John C. Maxwell gives practical ways to determine what blind spots you may have in your leadership so that you can lead your people well!

After John’s lesson, Mark Cole and Chris Goede discuss how this teaching can be applied to your life and leadership.

Key takeaways:

– In leadership, everything compounds.

– Pride is concerned about who’s right. Humility is concerned about what’s right.

– Character doesn’t make you a leader, but it protects you as a leader.

Our BONUS resource for this episode is the Leadership Blind Spots Worksheet, which includes fill-in-the-blank notes from John’s teaching. You can download the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below. 

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