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​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: The Make-Up that Makes Up a Leader (Part 1)

September 11, 2019
​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: The Make-Up that Makes Up a Leader (Part 1)

John Maxwell teaches that the greatest responsibility of a leader is to raise up more leaders, and this episode is dedicated to helping you do that by showing you how to spot potential leaders. What makes up a good leader? John shares three key characteristics to evaluate a person’s leadership capacity: character, desire, and discipline. He breaks down each characteristic to make them readily identifiable.

Mark Cole and Richard Chancy zoom out and share helpful ways to look for these characteristics in the hiring process. Then Mark zooms in, turns the spotlight on the listener, and encourages us to live discipline on a daily basis. He shares that every major good decision costs more than expected and takes longer than hoped for but is worth it. Let the guidance in this episode help you keep growing as a leader while you’re intentional to raise up new leaders. 

Our BONUS resource for this episode is the Makeup That Makes Up a Leader Worksheet. You can access the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below.   

We also have a survey for our podcast listeners because we want to know how to serve you better. Please take the survey linked below, and we’ll even give you $20 off your purchase of one of John’s Mentor’s Guide Audio Series. Just finish the 3-minute survey to get the discount!

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