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Accelerating Teamwork Workshop

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Accelerating Teamwork Workshop

About This Workshop

To succeed in this world, you need to work with other people. Whether you’re a CEO,division or department manager, or a front-line employee, you’re a part of a team.

That’s why teamwork is so important. It combines the talents and contributions of team members to create a win for your company. Members of top-performing teams are committed to each other, focused on results, and willing to sacrifice personal glory for team success.

Accelerating Teamwork is a one-day workshop that offers practical instruction on the value, description, and development of teamwork, equipping both team leaders and members to commit to the success of the team over self, resulting in improved interaction and real results.


  • Understand the value of teamwork to both individuals and organizations
  • Identify the characteristics of good team players and successful teams
  • Develop the skills to become a team member who makes strong contributions to the team
  • Instill a positive team culture within the organization

Who Is This Training For?

This experiential, content-rich workshop utilizes engaging exercises, activities, and multimedia illustrations to help you learn how to build and maximize the value of top-performing teams.

This learning experience will enable you to:

  • Understand the underlying value that teamwork brings to an organization
  • Identify the characteristics of good team players and successful teams
  • Learn the impact that effective teamwork has on key indicators of organizational success, including communication, collaboration, and employee development and morale
  • Facilitate meetings, reviews, and growth plans that support the individual growth and contributions of each teammate
  • Build an effective team that multiplies and sustains production


Introduction to Accelerating Teamwork & Objectives

  • The FOUR Essential Elements of Teamwork
  • Case Study The Situation; Group Discussion

Lesson 1: Team Value

  • The WE Over ME Principle
  • Purpose & Effectiveness of a Team
  • Communication Pathways/ Best Practices
  • Case Study: The Big Pictures/ Group Discussion
  • Employee Morale- Stages of Morale; Morale-Building Basics
  • Case Study: Leading By Example/ Group Discussion

Lesson 2: Team Definition

  • What does a “successful team” look like?
  • Players: Activity- My Players’ contribution
  • Vision: Connecting Contribution to the Vision
  • Dedication: Common Causes for Poor Production
  • Leadership: Defining and Assigning Qualities
  • Assessment

Lesson 3: Team Disciplines

  • Case Study: As a Crossroads/ Group Discussion
  • 10 Traits of an Effective Team/ Activity
  • Feedback & Accountability
  • What is YOUR Scoreboard?
  • Case Study: Building the Momentum/ Group Discussion

Lesson 4: Team Production

  • Produce- Multiply- Sustain
  • Accelerating Teamwork Production Algorithm
  • Sustaining Production through Catalysts
  • Activity: Creating Your Team Culture/ Non-negotiables
  • Case Study: One Year Later/ Group Discussion
  • Assess/ Review, Action Plan

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