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Becoming A 360° Leader Workshop

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Becoming A 360° Leader Workshop

About This Workshop

When leadership is discussed, the usual assumption is that it travels in only one direction: from a higher position to a lower one. But there is a weakness in this premise, because it presumes that all leadership is positional (based on the title of “leader”). John C. Maxwell writes that leadership is actually much more than that. As he says, “Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.” And influence can be developed by anyone, with anyone, regardless of position.

Practically speaking, this means that any person within an organization can have influence on others, whether they are “above” him, “below” him, or “beside” him. In other words, leadership can occur in any of the 360 degrees around the individual.

The 360° Leader is a one-day workshop, taught by a Master Facilitator, that offers instruction on how to lead in every direction (up, down, and across), teaching practical skills for attendees to increase their influence in a positive way with not only their staff, but also colleagues, direct supervisors, and even senior management. This creates greater employee empowerment and productivity – and, therefore, positive results for the organization.


  • Understand the value of increasing your influence with others at every level of the organization
  • Identify your current level of influence with leaders, colleagues and staff
  • Discover how to improve relational chemistry with others regardless of their title
  • Create practical strategies for leading down, across, and up in your specific situation
  • Instill a culture of 360° leadership within your organization

Who Is This Training For?

  • Senior managers who wish to instill a 360° leadership culture within their organization
  • Middle managers in need of increased influence with leaders, colleagues, and staff in order to be more effective in their role
  • Potential leaders in need of foundational training in increasing influence at every level


Module 1: Introduction to 360 Degree Leader/ Opening Case Study

  • Activity: Defining 360° Leadership
  • Activity: Real-Life Examples
  • How to Gain Influence/ Debrief
    • Case Study: Richard Coad
  • John Maxwell on 360° Leadership
  • Best Practices for Self-Leadership
    • John Maxwell on Leading Yourself Well
    • Discussion: Self-Leadership Challenges
  • Introduction to Action Plan
  • Module 1 Wrap-up and Key Takeaways

Module 2: Leading Up- A Leader’s Greatest Challenge

  • Lighten the Load Strategy
  • Class-Led Discussion: Characteristics of Lightening & Weighing the Load
  • Weighing the Load
    • John Maxwell on Leading Up
    • Activity: Lightening Your Leader’s Load
  • Understanding the Rules
    • Activity: How Well Do You Know Your Leader?
    • Activity: My Leader’s 5 Rules/ Debrief
  • Investing in Relational Chemistry
    • Discovery: What Does Your Leader Need From You?
  • Everyday Approach- When to Push and When to Back Down
    • Activity: Influence With A Purpose
  • Module 2 Wrap-up and Key Takeaways
  • Action Plan

Module 3: Leading Across: Peer-to-Peer Influence & Collaborative Strategy

  • John Maxwell on Leading Across
  • Challenges to Leading Across
    • Activity: Get Connected/ Debrief
  • The Leadership Loop
  • Relationship Mapping
    • ON YOUR OWN: Complete The Relationship Map
    • Discussion: Do you see a pattern?
    • Application: Complete The Leadership Loop
  • Competing vs. Completing
    • Discussion: The Cost of Unhealthy Competition
    • Activity: Completing My Win/ Debrief
  • Expanding Your Circle of Influence
  • The Value/ Benefits of Humility
  • The Best Idea Wins
  • Module 3 Wrap-up and Key Takeaways
  • Action Plan

Module 4: Leading Down: Influence and People Development

  • Possessing a Non-Positional Mindset
  • Case Study- USS Benfold/ Debrief
    • The TEN Treatment
  • Models for Successful Feedback
    • Activity: A Note of Encouragment
    • Lead Down by Helpign Others Lead Up
  • Discussion: Answering the Challenge/ Debrief
    • Activity: Asking Others to Lead Up to You/ Debrief
  • Final Challenge
    • Two Introspective Questions
  • Module 4 Wrap-up and Key Takeaways
  • Complete Action Plan

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