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Discovering Your Authentic Leadership Style

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Discovering Your Authentic Leadership Style

About This Workshop

A workshop designed to help leaders explore why they do what they do, why others do what they do, and how to leverage this understanding to lead and succeed.

Develop a deeper understanding of why you lead the way you do. Uncover blind spots and develop strategies to intentionally correct them. Learn how you are naturally wired to deal with conflict, change, relationship differences and more.

This full-day experience equips participants to maximize their strengths, increasing their leadership influence.


1. Introducing YOU!

  • See how The Success Box can restrict growth
  • Understand why authenticity matters to success
  • Identify blind spots and what causes them
  • Develop sensitivity to the Intention-Interpretation Gap
  • Recognize the value in diverse perspectives

2. Discover How You Are Wired

  • Learn how to harness the power of the assessment results
  • Understand RightPath4 and how to relate to others
  • Discover the value of being a Bridge-Builder
  • Connect with others who are wired differently
  • Apply the learning through a practical case study

3. Going Deeper For Greater Self-Awareness

  • Understand RightPath6 and deeper personality tendencies
  • Learn their most intense strengths and struggles
  • Identify and apply their relationship keys
  • Learn their natural approaches for dealing with conflict
  • See how they respond to change and why

4. Leveraging Your Authentic Leadership Style

Realize that everything rises and falls on leadership

Discuss how personality hard-wiring can increase influence

Turn what has been learned into an action plan

Complete a personal profile to take away as a guide to better lead and succeed

Each participant takes two online assessments prior to attending the workshop and receives a detailed personality profile and summary sheet. in addition to the Discovering Your Authentic Leadership Style participant guide.


MODULE 1: Introduction To the Success Box & RightPath Assessments

Introducing You!

  • The Big 3 Personality Factors
  • The Law of Awareness
  • Understanding Your Distinct Advantage (Blended Profiles)
  • Begin Completing “Your Personal Profile” Sheet
  • Bridging the Intention-Interpretation Gap
  • The Law of the Niche / Valuing Perspectives
  • Your Opportunity to ACT (Apply / Change / Teach)

Module 2: Discovering How You Are Wired

  • The Law of Intentionality
  • Making Sense of Your Assessment
  • Your RightPath4 Personality Factors
  • Activity
  • Understanding Your Opposite
  • Teaming Up with Different Personality Traits
  • Your Opportunity to ACT
  • Case Study

Module 3: Going Deeper For Greater Understanding

  • The Law of Process
  • Your RigthPath6 Personality Factors
  • Intensity Exercise/Identifying Blind Spots
  • Your Relationship Keys Exercise
  • Your Confrontation Style Index Exercise
  • Your Natural Response to Change Exercise
  • Your Opportunity to ACT

Module 4: Discovering Leveraging Your Authentic Leadership Style

  • The Law of the Lid
  • The Law of Influence
  • Why You Need to Grow as a Leader
  • Complete Your Personal Profile Sheet
  • Your Opportunity to ACT/ WRAP-UP

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