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Know What You’re FOR Workshop

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Know What You’re FOR Workshop

About This Workshop

The world has changed. It’s no longer about being known as the best company in the world. It’s about being known as the best company for the world.

In this day and age, consumers are seeking meaningful brands that are known for something more than
making money. People expect brands to contribute to well-being and quality of life, and those are the companies that get their business.

This full-day, hands-on experience equips leaders with the tools and understanding they need to grow an
organization through purpose and profit. It guides them to identify and close the gaps between what they
want to be known FOR and what they actually are known FOR, by both their customers and team.


1 . Understand The Purpose-Profit Connection

• In today’s marketplace, growth requires purpose and profit to work together. The more purpose you have, the more profit or bottom-line impact you’ll have. The more profit or impact you have, the more likely you have an intentional purpose.
• When you compete more on purpose than price, your profit grows.

2. Know The Four For FOR

• Customer: Cultivate and leverage positive word-of-mouth advertising.
• Team: Your first customer is your team.
• Community: If an organization’s purpose never flows beyond the walls, it will not remain in operation for long.
• You: The best gift you can give your customers, your team, and your community is an inspired, rejuvenated, fully alive you.

3. Close The Gap With Customers

• Identify the gap between what you want to be known FOR by your customers and what you are actually known FOR.
• Shift the spotlight from your company to your customers and become their biggest fan.
• Do for one what you wish you could do for all. When you make a difference for one, it spreads.
• Deliver WOW. The greater the WOW factor, the more memorable you become to your customer.

4. Close The Gap With Your Team

• Examine the difference between what you want to be known FOR by your team and what you are actually known FOR.
• Develop a FOR culture for your team by becoming a Big L Leader.


Module 1: Why Purpose Matters

• The Connection between Purpose and Profit
• Shifting Market Expectations
• The Two Questions
• Case Story

Module 2: Four for FOR

• Customer: The organization that focuses on the customer instead of itself will win the heart
of the customer. When you do this effectively, customers start talking positively.
• Team: How the team is treated is eventually how the customer is treated.
• Community: What is your organization doing that is so noteworthy and good that even
non-customers are talking about it?
• Yourself: You have to understand how to be FOR you—to grow and move closer to your
potential. Ultimately, organizations don’t move toward potential; people do.

Module 3: FOR the Customer

• When it comes to your customers, what do you want to be known FOR?
• What are you actually known FOR?
• Close the gap between what you want to be known FOR and what you are known FOR.
• Develop new strategies for customer engagement.
• Engage in interactive activities to help close the gap.

Module 4: FOR the Team

• When it comes to your team, what do you want to be known FOR?
• What are actually known FOR?
• Close the gap between what you want to be known FOR and what you are known FOR.
• Learn new strategies for team engagement.

Next Steps: What Are You Waiting FOR?

• How will you close the gap, starting right now?

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