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Organizational Effectiveness Survey

The best way to measure company health is by asking for feedback from all your employees.

Equip Yourself With Your Employees’ Feedback

Knowing what your employees think about working in your organization allows leaders to respond more quickly, with more focused accuracy, to retain key people and boost productivity. The Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OES) helps organizations improve their long-term effectiveness by gathering feedback from the employees. It measures your leadership’s performance in the following areas:


  • Achievement Drivenness.
  • Trustworthiness.
  • Responsiveness.
  • Quality of Emotional and Social Skills.


  • Effectiveness of Job Training.
  • Level of Employees’ Sense of Belonging, Growth, Engagement, and Satisfaction.


  • Inspirational Mission/Purpose.
  • Communication of Goals and Vision.
  • Implementation of Tactical Plans.


  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Employee Appraisal.
  • Overall Improvement.

Change Readiness

  • Adaptability of Leadership.

Values Gap Analysis

  • Gap Between Desired and Current Values.
Organizational Effectiveness Survey - Example Graph

Empower Yourself With Actionable Results

Results from the OES will help you detect potential obstacles to the growth and performance of your organization. The results are comprehensive, yet easy to understand due to:

  • Providing easy-to-read color-coded (green, yellow, red) charts.
  • Breaking down results by location, department, position, etc.
  • Identifying leaders’ readiness to change.
  • Listing action plans to improve targeted areas.
  • Administering bi-annual and annual OESs.
Organizational Effectiveness Survey - Example Graph

Elevate Your Organization With More Engaged And Productive Employees

The OES report gives leaders and management the knowledge and action plans needed to develop a more effective and productive work environment. Knowing what your employees think and taking action on that knowledge can result in:

  • Retaining competent and motivated employees.
  • Increasing productivity and employee commitment.
  • Generating increased earnings.

Two unique features of the OES report are performance metrics and suggested treatment action plans. Your first OES provides baseline measurements and the action plan gives managers what needs to be improved as well as what part of the company needs it the most. For example, one report showed employees were not satisfied with pay and benefits. A breakdown of results by organizational levels showed that only mid-level managers were unhappy with current pay and benefits. By providing the client with this level of detailed feedback, executives were able to focus on the specific area of the company that needs improvement, and consequently saved a considerable amount of time, energy, resources, and money.

“The measure of success for leaders is the health and effectiveness of their organizations.”

Most top executives want to know what their people think of the company and how well the company is doing. Through collecting feedback from your employees and providing a diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment action plan for your organization, the Organizational Effectiveness Survey does just that.

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